• Rice – Plain boiled basmati rice (Fried option available on request).
  • Ugali (Sadza, Nshima, Fufu Corn) - Maize meal flour made into a soft mash.
  • Mukimo- Traditional Kenyan mash of potatoes, green peas, corn and greens sautéed with onions.
  • Pounded Yam/ Gari- Yam flour cooked into a soft mash.
  • Kwanga (Manioc) - fermented Cassava flour mash -£3.50
  • Spinach- Leafy greens sautéed with tomato, red onions and mixed spices.
  • Chips - Deep fried normal or sweet potato chips.
  • Green Bananas- Deep fried slices of African green bananas.
  • Plantain- Deep fried African semi-ripe bananas (Yellow plantain). -£4.00
  • Sukuma Wiki – Fresh Kale cooked with special Calabash sauce and lightly seasoned -£4.00

Sides not offered with main meals.

  • Kachumbari (African salsa) tomato,onions, coriander and lemon juice.
  • Chapati- Unleavened home-made wheat flour flatbread.
  • Cassava Chips- Deep fried portions of Cassava - £4.00